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MMT Network GmbH | Building acoustics
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We evaluate and implement legally-required or qualitatively critical building acoustics requirements during both the planning and construction phases or construction projects.

Our team can provide expert technical assessments of building acoustics and can provide certification of sound insulation according to the German technical standard DIN 4109. In accordance with recognized good technical practices, we also follow the more rigorous sound insulation standards DIN 4109 supplement 2, VDI 4100, and the sound insulation report from the German Society for Acoustics (DEGA) Recommendation 103.

We provide building acoustics quality control according to DIN 4109-4. We use measurement guidelines from DIN EN ISO 16283 for airborne, impact and façade insulation, as well as from DIN EN ISO 10052 for service equipment and installation noise.

To comply with the German federal regulation on immissions control (General Administrative Regulation to the Federal Immission Control Act, Technical instructions on protection against noise), we run simulations and develop noise control strategies using Computer Aided Noise Abatement (CadnaA) technology.

Educational institutions

To deliver the best possible noise control in lecture halls, seminar rooms, classrooms and performance spaces, we focus on developing building acoustics solutions that can be integrated early in the construction design phase.

For already existing spaces, we offer noise reduction solutions on the basis of the room’s sound reduction index, according to the technical standard DIN EN ISO 16283.

Office spaces

For productive, modern office spaces, we focus on creative building acoustics solutions that reduce unnecessary noise.

Our noise control approach ensures the successful integration of private discussion spaces into the overall design of an inviting working environment.

Sports facilities

From loud background music to speaker systems for classes to noise-producing vibrations from exercise equipment: sports centers and gyms can create high sound pressure levels.

Working closely with owners and operators, we consider all noise emission aspects of your athletic facility to develop the right design and construction solution for a more comfortable fitness experience.

Restaurants, bars and clubs

Restaurants, bars and clubs are often situated close to homes and schools and require specific attention to noise control.

We offer custom noise control and sound quality solutions for restaurants, bars and clubs based on your specific space and noise control requirements established under German law and addressed in the technical standard DIN 4109.


We offer effective noise control solutions for hotels that ensure guests enjoy quiet comfort, from their individual rooms to conference spaces, restaurants and bars.

Our comprehensive solutions are based on a needs assessment according to DIN 4109 and can be integrated into the building’s construction plans.


To address the challenge of high sound pressure levels in movie theaters, we work closely with architects and specialized planners to develop creative, cost-effective building solutions that limit noise disruptions in adjacent spaces.


Our approach to building acoustics solutions in studios begins with a user profile of the studio space to define your noise control needs.

Based on technical measurements, we then analyze the room acoustics and possible listening environment to develop building acoustics solutions that suit your studio’s specific needs.

Apartments and condominiums

To reduce both interior and exterior noise in apartments and apartment buildings, we offer custom construction design solutions. Our team of experts can calculate the necessary noise control and can provide noise control certification for apartments as required under German law.

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Dipl.-Ing. Odysseas Sariannidis

Project manager acoustics


Martin Klüpfel, M.Sc.

Project manager acoustics

+49 30 31 01 72 21

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