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We design acoustical spaces in collaboration with artists and architects.

We design acoustical spaces in collaboration with artists and architects.

Our design approach is based on rigorous German technical standards that ensure we understand your space and your needs. We set objectives following a needs analysis – customizable as needed – based on German technical standards DIN 18041 and VDI 2569. In existing spaces, we measure key parameters such as reverberation time, clarity and the speech transmission index, according to the DIN EN ISO 3382 standard.

In addition to these measurements, we carefully consider the user profile. Using this multifaceted approach, we can ensure the right design to achieve the best acoustics possible in your space.

Educational institutions

Optimizing room acoustics in learning spaces is a key focus of our expert consulting and design team.

We implement a variety of practical noise reduction measures that help make speech clearer and reduce disruptive noise. Our methods, based on our study, “Noise reduction in schools,” have been successfully implemented in numerous primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities.

Office spaces

We work closely with building developers, architects, specialized planners and office users to develop innovative solutions for optimal room acoustics in modern office environments and meeting spaces.

Restaurants, cafés and bars

Many restaurants and bars face a fundamental acoustical problem called the Lombard effect: as people increasingly struggle to understand each other’s speech in environments filled with many noisy speakers, we tend to increase the volume of our own speech. What follows is that everybody increases their speech volume – resulting in a very loud background noise level.

Our tailor-made room acoustics solutions can significantly reduce noise levels, ensuring more intimate conversations between diners and complementing the union of architecture and design in your restaurant, café or bar.


Our expert design team can develop detailed room acoustical solutions to deliver a memorable entertainment experience at the movies.

Having successfully delivered numerous projects for cinema spaces that leverage our strong technical skills, we offer clients a particular expertise in this area.

Conference spaces

The interface between interior architecture, multimedia technology and acoustics is a major focus of our expert team, supported by our extended network of leading designers and architects.

By creating quality room acoustical conditions, we can ensure outstanding speech clarity that facilitates smooth and productive communications even in complex, multilingual environments.

Concert halls

We can develop comprehensive solutions for acoustics in concert halls, stages and orchestra pits. Using high resolution simulation models, we analyze sound conditions based on both technical measurements and workshops with musicians and conductors.

Our findings offer reliable expert recommendations for construction projects that can greatly improve the acoustics of performance halls and stages.


From new construction to upgrades, our team can provide functional acoustical solutions alongside beautiful design for your studio space.

By working closely with users and applying exact measuring techniques, we can achieve the precise, high quality listening environment that you need.

We use the most current numerical simulation methods such as BEM and FEM, in combination with proven software AFMG EASE AURA and modal sound field analysis, to achieve optimal results for studio spaces.

Event spaces

Special event spaces and temporary venues present a particular challenge to achieve quality acoustical conditions. We are dedicated to meeting these challenges, offering modern, comprehensive solutions that optimize the acoustics of the overall space and the performance area.

By working closely with musicians, singers and music directors, and by using exact technical measurements, we can ensure our solutions meet your individual event needs.

We’re proud to have carried out successful collaborations with numerous major performing ensembles including the Berlin Philharmonic, the Radio Choir of Berlin, the orchestra of the Comic Opera of Berlin, and the Young Euro Classic at the Berlin Concert House.

Residential spaces

Achieving comfortable acoustical conditions, particularly in modern residential spaces with clean, exposed structures can be challenging.

To meet this challenge, we offer acoustic design solutions that adapt to your space while improving sound conditions and maintaining the overall design sensibility and beauty of the living space.

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Project manager acoustics

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