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MMT Network GmbH | Studios
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We design high-end studio spaces using an interdisciplinary approach.

To create the optimal recording and listening conditions for the room acoustics, we leverage our significant practical experience and make use of various sound simulation technologies including BEM, FEM and AFMG EASE AURA. Our comprehensive noise control solutions are based on individual measurements of acoustical boundary conditions and creative adaptations of building acoustics.

Studio users play a major role in our process of determining the right technology for the studio space. To achieve the perfect sound, we work in close collaboration with major classical recording artists, sound and recording engineers, production sound mixers, and with leading international electronic and techno music artists.

Our studio team is a go-to resource for a large community of sound engineers and artists.

  • Classical music recordings
  • Voice recording and voiceovers
  • Control rooms
  • Mixing studios
  • Post production

Our references

Key contacts


Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bauer-Diefenbach

Managing Director


Martin Klüpfel, M.Sc.

Project manager acoustics

+49 30 31 01 72 21

MMT Network GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 2-9 A3.070
10587 Berlin

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